Seniors: Natalie, Carrollton, TX


Beautiful Natalie, a Senior at Carrollton Christian Academy, is just as beautiful inside as she is out. I am so blessed to get the privilege of photographing girls with such sweet spirits and beautiful hearts! Natalie came to me saying that what she loved about my style was the “lighting that you use and the moments that you capture”. I LOVE that, and as a result I took total freedom to play with light (my favorite)! She also liked the idea of the lace curtains so when I suggested a clothesline idea she went with it, and OH BOY was I enjoying myself. Definitely not posed moments, but between the layers of lace and the wind kicking in, I just shot away and hoped I was getting something good.  I don’t know if I could get a bad shot of her! :) I love what resulted. Feminine, bright, natural, and free.

From the beginning… (I have a thing about posts having to be in chronological order) ;) They also didn’t select these first two images but I love them too much not to include them! Fierce & fun!

Yeah, almost the same image. But I like them both ways :)

You’re about to see some funky lighting of the lace/light on her face. I’m well aware. The reflector will come in later. But we decided we liked it :)


Seriously. She is stunning.

Gorgeous! My favorite light.

My favorite.


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