Fashion: PART 1- Laundromat Glam

So, I finally found the opportunity to go shoot at a location that I have always imagined having a high-fashion just-for-fun shoot. I’m always wanting to creativity play more… with lighting, editing styles, wardrobe, and the like. I have never gotten to personally style a shoot as usually I’m shooting couples, Seniors, weddings or families, and with paying clients I can’t experiment as much. So since I had caught up on my editing I grabbed two of my friends, told them what I was dreaming up in my head, and together we pulled together a variety of outfits, from big poofy vintage dresses to bohemian overload. I was in HEAVEN. For one I love seeing my personal clothing being used in heavy layers and different ways, and I knew that my two friends, Emily & Joanna, would totally rock and help design the style I was going for. However, I shot so many different outfits and locations, and I am so in love with these, that I’m going to post in different installments. I think it will be one post per outfit change. And so I’ll start from the beginning – big dresses glammed up in a laundromat. Might I add, this is an old abandoned laundromat… power is still on but I don’t believe any of the machines are in working order. But I love the scratched graffiti on the walls, the peeling floral vintage wallpaper, distressed orange folding tabletops, and well, I just wouldn’t go there at night… ;) Here’s the first installment of what’s been brewing on the right side of my brain ;)

love this-

Outfit change, and more to come tomorrow…



Matthew Perryman Jones

My Morning Jacket

Neil Young

Peter Bradley Adams

Passion Pit

Two Door Cinema Club


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